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Hankook Tyres Australia take us up in the Traffic News chopper

Hey guys,

Thanks to our friends at Hankook Tyres we were invited to go up in the morning traffic news helicopter. Despite having to get up early Annette Wood and Nathan Pepper enjoyed the flight around Brisbane searching out traffic and potential accidents to report on.

Hankook Tyres Australia

Poorly inflated tyres, bald spots or low tread levels are a major contributor to accidents as they increase braking distance especially in the wet.

Yours in keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Annette Wood

Brisbane Tyres – Darra Tyre’s Client Testimonial, Stenia James

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from Stania James, one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

“Thank you SO much for the excellent job in replacing my tyres today.

I now feel that I am driving a Ferrari as opposed to a “No Power Steering Toyota Echo”

The bones in my wrist no longer break when I turn corners!

It actually feels as if I DO have Power Steering

My appreciation to all of you (especially Paul!)”

Warm Regards
Stenia James

If your in need of new tyres, fleet servicing or have any questions on the best tyres for your vehicle(s) then don’t hesitate to contact us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us.


The Darra Tyres Team.

Darra Tyres, Tyre Centre Testimonial – Louie Deen – Sailmove Pty Ltd

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from Louie Deen, one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

Dear Annette:

‘Darra Tyre Service has been our tyre service and repairer of choice for 20 years. Their employees are very experienced and highly qualified especially when working with our Heavy Haulage fleet which includes Large Prime Movers, Low Loaders and Semi-Trailers. The service provided by Darra Tyres is always first class and they are always available when needed to go that extra mile especially when it comes to breakdowns. Darra Tyres’ staff are always courteous and have a great attitude and are happy to provide advice on tyre selection and service requirements.

I would recommend Darra Tyres to anyone for their fleet tyre service and I hope our working relationship continues far on into the future.’

Kind Regards,

Louie Deen

Owner / Manager

Sailmove Pty Ltd

If your looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then give us a call on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team

Darra Tyre’s Tyre Centre Client Testimonial – PE Francis Earthmoving

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

“We have worked closely with Darra Tyres for the past 18 years. Their experience in the industry and product

knowledge is second to none. Their staff are always polite and their turn around time on repairs and breakdowns

is excellent. We always use Darra Tyres because of their attention to detail and willingness to help.

I am always quick to recommend them to my fellow workers,family and friends…”

Tim Ledez
P&E Francis Plant Hire

If you are looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then call us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team,

Brisbane Tyre Centre, Now you can ‘Like’ us at Darra Tyres Facebook

That’s right we know we already have many loyal customers who ‘Like’ us and the services we provide them with. But we have just re-launched our Facebook page which can be found by clicking the FaceBook logo below. Or by pressing the ‘Like’ button on our home page. We have made this page to bring all of our customers and fans the latest news, deals, special offers and other updates from our Brisbane tyre centre.

tyre centre facebook

And for the first 25 people that like our page you will receive a wheel alignment for $44 (normally $65) and free Nitrogen air filling!

Hurry because this offer won’t last!

Offer is valid for the first 25 ‘likes’ after the publish time and date of this article. Offer also only available for passenger vehicles.

Warmest Regards,

Annette Wood

Mums always know best… Not When It Comes to the Best Tyres!

Okay so my own mother would be in shock at reading this headline, because as far as all mums are concerned, yes, they do know best. Well, most of the time that is.

With all the running around parents (especially mums) do these days for their kids like going to school and back, weekend trips, sport on the weekends the list goes on you would think that tyre maintenance and car safety would be a high priority for mums yes? Apparently not.

A survey conducted by a American tyre company Cooper tyres unveiled that mums don’t seem to understand or rate tyre and vehicle safety as high on their list in regards to caring for their children.

The top worries for mums about their children were things like nutrition, healthy lifestyle, brushing their teeth and reading ranked above all others with tyre and vehicle maintenance coming in at less than 1% of those surveyed.

The importance of tyre safety…

Tyre safety does really need to be considered by mums across the globe. Driving can be one of the most dangerous activities you and your children will do each and every day. While we get into a routine and take driving down to the shops for granted, the driving world consists of so many variables that can have devastating effects on your families safety.

So if you are one of the mums out there who didn’t think that tyre safety was important, then you have already made your first mistake, dads too in that case! If you are unsure of how to check your vehicles tyres to make sure they are properly inflated, free from any cuts, slices or sidewall damage or if they have the legal amount of tread then you’d better give us a call.

Call now for your free tyre inspection…

One of our team in the Darra workshop would be more than happy to guide you through the ways to check your tyres condition and how to maintain it. Give us a call now on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online and Kevin Wood or one of our team will be in contact with you very shortly.

STOP risking the safety of your family!


Annette Wood

Poor Quality Tyres, don’t settle for Second Hand Safety

People can be quite deceptive when it comes to selling a second hand car, not only will they say “I’m the only owner it runs really well” and “Don’t worry about the rattling, my mates a mechanic he said it was fine” they will often go to extreme lengths to get roadworthy’s and safety certificates for a car that may not actually be roadworthy. Poor quality tyres can be the most dangerous part of a second hand car.

There has been a crackdown in Queensland in the past year or so on increasing the penalties for mechanics found to be giving roadworthy’s for a carton of beer or a sly $100. But the actual seller of the car can contribute to the car getting a ‘roadworthy’ and then changing parts back to make it the same old car.

Check the tyres!

Make sure the tyres are of legal tread depth. It has been known that people will buy a cheap re-tread tyre or even new tyres to put on the car to pass the roadworthy and then simply replace the old tyres and keep the new ones for their own vehicle.

Apart from this being illegal unless you know your tyres you may not actually notice until you have handed over your hard earned cash and driven away in your “roadworthy” car. If you are unsure of how to check this or don’t know what the legal tread depth is then click here to find our article on 4 checks for tyre safety.

Don’t feel pressured to buy something that’s not safe!

Feel free to have the cars tyres checked by the tyre experts here at Darra Tyres. Our team of industry professionals will be more than happy to check over the vehicles tyres and explain to you how much life they have left and if in fact they are legal or not.

So don’t settle for second best on safety…

So whether you are selling or buying call the team at Darra Tyres on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online to book the vehicle in for a check. We’ll make sure your either selling a vehicle with safe tyres on it, or your new purchase is in fact legal and the tyres will keep you on the road.


Annette Wood

Truck Tyres – Have your say about trucking in QLD…

Work as a truck driver or in the truck driving and truck tyres industry?

If that’s you then mark this Saturday the 27th of August in your diary. The Roma Bowls Club is set to host the NatRoad, incorporating Australian Road Train Association, (NatRoad-ARTA), the Queensland Trucking Association (QTA) and the Livestock Transporters Association of Queensland Inc (LTAQ), 2011 Queensland Regional Trucking Forum.

This forum has been setup to give you and others in the trucking industry the opportunity to have your say on the future of trucking in Australia in regards to trucking regulations. On hand will be NatRoad-ARTA Director, John Morris, QTA CEO Peter Garske and LTAQ President Gary Willoughby. This gives you the chance to bring up any issues you think may be relevant with the local authorities. QLD Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD Police, AgForce and NBN Co Ltd will be at the event to answer questions and present information at the forum.


Annette Wood