Darra Tyres, Tyre Centre Testimonial – Louie Deen – Sailmove Pty Ltd

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from Louie Deen, one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

Dear Annette:

‘Darra Tyre Service has been our tyre service and repairer of choice for 20 years. Their employees are very experienced and highly qualified especially when working with our Heavy Haulage fleet which includes Large Prime Movers, Low Loaders and Semi-Trailers. The service provided by Darra Tyres is always first class and they are always available when needed to go that extra mile especially when it comes to breakdowns. Darra Tyres’ staff are always courteous and have a great attitude and are happy to provide advice on tyre selection and service requirements.

I would recommend Darra Tyres to anyone for their fleet tyre service and I hope our working relationship continues far on into the future.’

Kind Regards,

Louie Deen

Owner / Manager

Sailmove Pty Ltd

If your looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then give us a call on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team

Darra Tyre’s Tyre Centre Client Testimonial – PE Francis Earthmoving

We are pleased to share with you guys this client testimonial from one of Darra Tyre’s clients…

“We have worked closely with Darra Tyres for the past 18 years. Their experience in the industry and product

knowledge is second to none. Their staff are always polite and their turn around time on repairs and breakdowns

is excellent. We always use Darra Tyres because of their attention to detail and willingness to help.

I am always quick to recommend them to my fellow workers,family and friends…”

Tim Ledez
P&E Francis Plant Hire

If you are looking for new tyres or have any questions about the best tyres for your vehicle then call us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us here.


The Darra Tyres Team,

Tyres Gold Coast – Queensland Ambulance returns from the Floods

Hey guys,

The team from the Queensland Ambulance Tactical Support Unit have been up helping flood victim out west and on their return of course the first place they go is Darra Tyres to make sure their tyres are in tip-top condition. Ready for whatever the next emergency might throw at them.

tyres gold coast tactical support unit

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road, if your looking for new tyres or have any questions contact us on (07) 3333 5510 or here.

Kevin and the team at Darra.

Best Tyres – Performance Tyres Treadwear and Traction Video.

Hey guys,

Kevin discusses two different performance tyres that are different prices, looking at the treadwear differences and the traction differences. We’ve always been focussed on educating our clients to help them find the best tyres and this takes that to a new level.

We’ll be adding regular videos to the website as a means of educating our clients. If you have any questions feel free to call the team on 07 3333 5510.

Yours in tyres,

Kevin Wood


4 of the Best Tyres, 4 Different Environments, 4 Wheel Drive

So you own a four-wheel drive (4WD) fitted with the best tyres, but you just aren’t quite too sure how to use to its full potential? Don’t worry, there are many others out there in the same boat, well for this matter 4WD.

Here and some quick and helpful tips that can help you get the most out of your 4WD tyres in the most demanding conditions.

Driving on the beach:

There is nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and especially taking your 4WD on the beach. However, there are a few things that you must know in regards to tyre safety.

Some beaches will have rock hard surfaces that act like a beach highway and driving on them will be as simple as driving on the road. But chances are the sand will be soft and windblown and you can find yourself trapped in seconds. The trick to driving on soft sand is to slightly deflate your tyres. Deflating the tyres gives the vehicles a wider footprint and therefore better flotation from the tyres.

Every vehicle will require a different amount of deflation depending on the size of the vehicle and the surface it’s going to be driving on. For most 4WD tyres around 15-20psi is a good indication.

Always remember to have a shovel and a couple of pieces of wood handy or tracks to get yourself out of the sand if required!

Driving through water:

It’s not as simple as getting a run-up and go! Stop the vehicle just before the water and get out to assess the conditions. You should try and walk the passage you intend on driving through if possible, to check for any obscure obstacles, depth of water and other things to look out for.

Select a low range gear and accelerate the whole way through the water. Don’t try and change gears midway through the crossing as water can get into the clutch plate.

There is no need to deflate the tyres for crossing water. But after the crossing is complete make sure to check the condition of the tyre and make sure there has been no damage to the sidewall of the tyre from any possible obstructions under the water.

Driving in the outback:

You may think that driving through the red dirt in the outback will require a similar method to that of driving on the beach? Think again.

‘Bulldust’ as it’s known in the outback should never be treated as sand and deflating your tyres pressure could have disastrous effects on your vehicle.

Below the thin red dirt lies a solid rock base that will pound the chassis on impact and could split the sidewall of a tyre that has been partially deflated. You’re best bet is to maintain speed and correct any vehicle movement by counter steering and acceleration.

Driving in the snow:

Not something Queenslanders has to deal with very often but we all love to go on a family skiing trip so it pays to know how to drive your 4WD in the snow should the need arrive.

Tyre pressures should be 25psi or higher when using chains. Tyre manufacturers recommend that cars with radial tyres shouldn’t travel faster than 40km/h when fitted with chains. After driving the initial 2-300 metres to get out and check the tension of the chains.

Remember to leave extra room between cars in the snow as longer braking distances are required.

It’s also very important to notify someone of where you are heading and how long you plan to be gone for in any conditions.

To find out more about 4WD tyres or to get the best tyres for your vehicle come down and see me or the team at our Darra workshop at 5 Station Avenue Darra. You can call us on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online to get the best service and over 100 years of combined experience we are the independent retailer you can trust!


Kevin Wood

Brisbane Tyre Centre, Now you can ‘Like’ us at Darra Tyres Facebook

That’s right we know we already have many loyal customers who ‘Like’ us and the services we provide them with. But we have just re-launched our Facebook page which can be found by clicking the FaceBook logo below. Or by pressing the ‘Like’ button on our home page. We have made this page to bring all of our customers and fans the latest news, deals, special offers and other updates from our Brisbane tyre centre.

tyre centre facebook

And for the first 25 people that like our page you will receive a wheel alignment for $44 (normally $65) and free Nitrogen air filling!

Hurry because this offer won’t last!

Offer is valid for the first 25 ‘likes’ after the publish time and date of this article. Offer also only available for passenger vehicles.

Warmest Regards,

Annette Wood


Buying Quality Tyres from Darra Tyres in Brisbane What to expect

Do I have to fit the tyres myself?

No of course not! Fitting is included in the price given to you by the team at Darra, one of our experts in the workshop will gladly fit the tyres while you wait or if need be we can arrange for you to drop the vehicle off and be dropped back at work or home if in the nearby area, Darra train station is just metres from our front door so we are never far away!

Do I have to change all four tyres?

No you don’t have to buy 4 brand new tyres. However it is normally recommended depending on the condition of your tyres. By replacing only 1,2 or 3 the 2nd,3rd and 4th will eventually need to be replaced and there is an increased chance that it could leave you stranded on the side of the road due to a blowout.

What about new valves and a balance?

We include a balance and new valves with all purchases of 4 new tyres. We will also inspect the safety of your suspension to make sure there are no underlying factors that could have a negative effect on the wear of your tyres.

What kind of tyres do I need?

When enquiring about or purchasing tyres from us at Darra Tyres there are a few things we need to know when you are trying to find out which tyres are most suitable for your vehicle and budget. If possible when enquiring have the tyre size and load rating handy, the type of vehicle and we need to know a few things about how often the vehicle is used and where it used just so we can get the best tyre for your needs and your wallet.

To find out more or to enquire about products from Darra Tyres come down to 5 Station Avenue Darra or give us a call on (07) 3333 5510 and have a chat with the team.


Kevin Wood


Maintaining Quality Tyres, 4 Mistakes and How to Spot them

There are a few common causes of tyre wear, this article will discuss the reasons behind these common causes and the solutions to getting them fixed and preserving your quality tyres!

Over Inflation

If you have excessive wear on the centre of the tyres tread this is caused due to over inflating the tyres air pressure consistently. Think how the centre of the tyre will make more impact when it is over inflated and therefore causing the centre of the tyre to wear prematurely. Always check the tyre pressure according to the manufacturers guidelines on the tyre placard on your vehicle.

Tyre Under Inflation

Basically the exact opposite of what we just spoke about. Having an under inflated tyre will cause the inside and outside edge of the tyre to wear quicker than the centre of the tyre. Consistently having under inflated tyres will not only cost you more due to the need to replace the tyres quicker but are also extremely dangerous to drive on. Under inflated tyres cause lack of control, increased braking distances and poor handling. Again, always check the tyre pressures to the recommended pressure as per the manufacturers recommendation.

Wearing on one side only

If you have found that one side of your tyres is wearing faster than the rest of the tyre then your vehicle is need of a wheel alignment. When your wheel alignment is off it causes the wheel to lean too much on the one side and puts the majority of the weight/load on that part of the tyre causing it to wear down much quicker than the rest of the tyre. More than likely your vehicle will just need a simple wheel alignment but there could also be other factors that can affect the alignment and will need to be assessed by one of our team or a mechanic.


Bent or damaged suspension can cause ‘cups’ or ‘scalloped dips’ appearing on your tyre. The will appear on one side of the tyre and it will look like someone has ground the edge of the tyre off. A wheel alignment can sometimes cure this, if this occurring to your tyres it is best to go straight to our workshop for proper inspection and to make sure the problem doesn’t lie deeper in the suspension parts or any other component that connects the wheel to the car.

To have your tyres and wheel alignment assessed by an industry expert come down to Darra Tyres in Station Avenue Darra. Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the industry and we are here to help you! Call us now on (07) 3333 5510 and one of our team will contact you within one business day.


Kevin Wood


The best tyre brands, Inspired by Australia’s Tree Frogs?

So it’s obvious to all of us that tyres are what keeps us stuck to the road, but how do they do this, you may be wondering?

What has a tree frog got to do with the Best Tyre Brands?

Well the traction on the foot of a tree frog works very similar to that of a car tyre. The tree frog has pads on the bottom of their feet which are divided into tiny flat sections that work just like the tread of a tyre.

Spaces between the tread on your tyres allow the tyre to be able to grip to the road just a like a tree frog will grip to a window, branch or plant.

Why your tyres and frogs feet aren’t smooth…

If the base of the tree frogs feet or the tyres on your car were smooth think about how that would work. Would the tree frog be able to grip to the slippery reeds by the lake? Would your car stay on the road in the rain? Try and think about your slipperiest pair of shoes, now go and look at the soles. Most likely they will be extremely smooth with little to no gaps in the rubber sole. And when it rains we usually choose not to wear those shoes because we will slip.

So if your tyres have insufficient or an illegal amount of tread then they are going to tend to slip out as you accelerate around the corner or need to brake quickly. The tread on your tyres is what’s keeping you stuck to the road and keeping you safe, same with the bottom of the tree frogs foot, without this grip both the tree frog and you are in serious trouble.

So don’t take the risk or brush off the importance of having safe tyres.

Look after your family and fleet with Darra Tyres.

Come down and see us at our Darra Tyres Workshop, call us on (07) 3333 5510 or contact us to book your car in for an inspection free of charge, and one of our team will contact you directly within one working day. We will give you an unbiased opinion from independent industry experts.

We’re here to look after you!


Kevin Wood

Would you trust these poor quality tyres for your family?

Hey guys,

I was in a supermarket in Alicante, Spain when I stumbled upon the most dangerous sight. Sure the Spaniards are known for beautiful weather, crystal clear beaches, relaxed outlook, great sangria and fabulous paella but this really took the cake of relaxed.

€27.00 tyres and the kicker is they call them family car tyres. I wouldn’t trust my pet dog let alone me family to travel on these.

cheap Supermarket Tyres

On closer inspection the tyres are extremely poor quality, the rubber feels like something you’d expect off the back of a pencil, this will cause them to wear quickly, if you wheels aren’t balanced then they will wear unevenly, try and stop in the wet and you’re likely to slide all the way along the street.

Now sure Spain has great weather, it doesn’t rain, well I hate to say but it does, it rains and it pours, Alicante is the garden belt of Spain, know for its good rainfall, very much the same climate as Queensland.

So why would you sell poor quality tyres like this…

The answer is profit. These tyres are made from the lowest quality, many times from the offcuts and leftovers from other tyres, they aren’t meant to keep you safe they are simply meant to maximise profits.

I cannot stress enough about using a professional team, a team that knows your vehicle, your usage and the environment the tyres will be used in.

That’s what the team at Darra Tyres is all about… Proper tyres for your vehicle not €27 euro ones that will be lucky to last 6 months and aren’t appropriate for the driving conditions in Queensland and Australia. Give Kevin Wood or one of the team a call on (07) 3333 5510 to find out what tyres will best suit your needs and your budget, or click here to enquire online.

Your tyre experts in keeping your family and fleet safely on the road.

Kevin and the team at Darra Tyres