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Toyo Tyres and More! Darra Tyres joins TruckPower Tyre Alliance

Hey guys,

We are pleased to announce that we are now members of the Truck Power Tyre Alliance which gives our clients around Australia access to tyres wherever they are. Through the alliance they can expect the same level of service as if they were at our Darra Workshop.

The main brands that will be promoted through the alliance are Boto Tyres, Leao Tyres, and Toyo Tyres but all brands will also be accessed through the alliance.

TRUCKPOWER brings 3 strong and recognisable brands (TOYO, BOTO and LEAO) together under one banner. TRUCKPOWER will enable truck, transport and bus operators to have full confidence in a motivated national tyre dealer support network, with a wide choice of quality branded products that are serviced by expert commercial tyre retailers.

The TRUCKPOWER commitment is to provide you with reliable and competitively priced truck tyres, whenever and wherever you need them. Our brands all provide great cost per km results and give you the widest choice to suit your application.

Our brands are leaders in each market tier:

Toyo Tyres

This is an ideal solution for our Truck Fleet, all you need to do is call Darra on 07 3333 5510 and we can organise a local distributor to supply and fit the tyres and the price and billing will still be done through Darra.

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and the team at Darra Tyres.

Ensuring Quality Tyres, Inspecting truck tyres for abnormal wear.

Hey guys,

Kevin inspects truck tyres for abnormal wear. The truck in the video is actually a new truck that has come in after 500kms for its first settling in check up. These tyres are straight from the manufacturer and already are showing signs of abnormal wear. Luckily its been caught soon enough that not much damage is done. Even high quality tyres should be inspected routinely to ensure they are now wearing abnormally due to an incorrect fitting.

Darra Tyres recommends that you check your tyre pressure weekly, especially if your using the vehicle for commercial purposes. Passenger vehicles should be checked weekly but realistically monthly is acceptable, however the concern is that most people never check until its too late.

If you have any questions feel free to call the team on 07 3333 5510.

Yours in tyres,

Kevin Wood

Tyres Gold Coast – Queensland Ambulance returns from the Floods

Hey guys,

The team from the Queensland Ambulance Tactical Support Unit have been up helping flood victim out west and on their return of course the first place they go is Darra Tyres to make sure their tyres are in tip-top condition. Ready for whatever the next emergency might throw at them.

tyres gold coast tactical support unit

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road, if your looking for new tyres or have any questions contact us on (07) 3333 5510 or here.

Kevin and the team at Darra.


4 of the Best Tyres, 4 Different Environments, 4 Wheel Drive

So you own a four-wheel drive (4WD) fitted with the best tyres, but you just aren’t quite too sure how to use to its full potential? Don’t worry, there are many others out there in the same boat, well for this matter 4WD.

Here and some quick and helpful tips that can help you get the most out of your 4WD tyres in the most demanding conditions.

Driving on the beach:

There is nothing better than getting out in the great outdoors and especially taking your 4WD on the beach. However, there are a few things that you must know in regards to tyre safety.

Some beaches will have rock hard surfaces that act like a beach highway and driving on them will be as simple as driving on the road. But chances are the sand will be soft and windblown and you can find yourself trapped in seconds. The trick to driving on soft sand is to slightly deflate your tyres. Deflating the tyres gives the vehicles a wider footprint and therefore better flotation from the tyres.

Every vehicle will require a different amount of deflation depending on the size of the vehicle and the surface it’s going to be driving on. For most 4WD tyres around 15-20psi is a good indication.

Always remember to have a shovel and a couple of pieces of wood handy or tracks to get yourself out of the sand if required!

Driving through water:

It’s not as simple as getting a run-up and go! Stop the vehicle just before the water and get out to assess the conditions. You should try and walk the passage you intend on driving through if possible, to check for any obscure obstacles, depth of water and other things to look out for.

Select a low range gear and accelerate the whole way through the water. Don’t try and change gears midway through the crossing as water can get into the clutch plate.

There is no need to deflate the tyres for crossing water. But after the crossing is complete make sure to check the condition of the tyre and make sure there has been no damage to the sidewall of the tyre from any possible obstructions under the water.

Driving in the outback:

You may think that driving through the red dirt in the outback will require a similar method to that of driving on the beach? Think again.

‘Bulldust’ as it’s known in the outback should never be treated as sand and deflating your tyres pressure could have disastrous effects on your vehicle.

Below the thin red dirt lies a solid rock base that will pound the chassis on impact and could split the sidewall of a tyre that has been partially deflated. You’re best bet is to maintain speed and correct any vehicle movement by counter steering and acceleration.

Driving in the snow:

Not something Queenslanders has to deal with very often but we all love to go on a family skiing trip so it pays to know how to drive your 4WD in the snow should the need arrive.

Tyre pressures should be 25psi or higher when using chains. Tyre manufacturers recommend that cars with radial tyres shouldn’t travel faster than 40km/h when fitted with chains. After driving the initial 2-300 metres to get out and check the tension of the chains.

Remember to leave extra room between cars in the snow as longer braking distances are required.

It’s also very important to notify someone of where you are heading and how long you plan to be gone for in any conditions.

To find out more about 4WD tyres or to get the best tyres for your vehicle come down and see me or the team at our Darra workshop at 5 Station Avenue Darra. You can call us on (07) 3333 5510 or enquire online to get the best service and over 100 years of combined experience we are the independent retailer you can trust!


Kevin Wood

Industrial Tyres – Don’t neglect your tractor tyres check!

Do you have agricultural machinery or tractors but don’t really have the time to use them on your land?

Neglecting tractor tyres, agricultural machinery tyres or any industrial tyres for that matter for an extended period of time can be deadly.

Tyres will start to perish after they have been sitting unused for quite some time. The dangers are only seen when it’s too late. Too many people think that because the vehicle or machinery is not being used then “the tyres must be fine, a bit of air and they will be good as new!”, this is not the case. Not matter how little use the tyres have received age will deteriorate tyres to an unsafe level for use.

But they looked fine…

A simple look over the tread of the tyre is not a comprehensive check. Dry rotting and cracks to the tyre sidewall can occur and this is what can cause a tyre to burst. A tyre burst can be extremely deadly no matter how big the vehicle or machine. Especially on a large tractor or plough a burst tyre can cause the vehicle to roll, veer off course and cause accidents.

Is there a timeline on how long my tyres will last?

There is no expiry date like a litre of milk would have. As a guide tyres will start to lose the natural oils about 5 years after production. All tyres are produced with a serial Tyre Identification Number (TIN). It’s generally written in a 4 digit style. E.g 3494 is the 34th week of 1994, or 2806 is the 28th week of 2006.

What to do if you’re really not sure whether or not you tyres are safe…

It’s simple, give the team at Darra Tyres a call on 3333 5510 and our mobile service team will come out to our commercial customers or you can bring the tyre down to us at Darra for a proper inspection of the tyres condition and air pressure. If you’re not sure then it’s probably not safe. Always ask an expert. And what better experts than the team at Darra Tyres who have over 100 years combined experience in the tyre and automotive industry. Give us a call or enquire online to speak with one of our experts today!

Keeping your family and fleet safely on the road,

Kevin and Darra Team

Tyre Shops Brisbane – Why you can trust a family owned business like Darra Tyres…

You don’t just get tyres from the team at Darra Tyres, you get a commitment…

What you and your business need is reliability, safety and cost effective solutions. You also need a tyre partner you can trust. The big tyre retailers are all about margins, sales targets and maximising their profit. While those things are key aspects to a business so are the relationships with its customers.

Being a family owned and operated business enables us to understand how important your business needs are. We believe in building key relationships with all our customers and we are committed to seeing you get the best products for your vehicles, drivers’ safety and your budget.

We’re here for the long haul…

You don’t just get tyres from your purchase from us at Darra Tyres, you get a commitment to your safety and business. We have all the tools to keep you on the road safer and longer. For all our passenger sales we provide you with a comprehensive 5,000 and 10,000 kilometre inspection of your tyres including a tyre rotation if necessary and wheel alignment at 10,000km.

And for our commercial customers we offer a 24hour roadside service to the greater Brisbane area. Repairs, punctures and replacements all done on the side of the road, so you are never left stranded!

Never worry about your fleet again…

With Darra Tyres fleet management system you will never have to worry about the safety of your vehicles tyres again. We will come to you to perform routine pressure checks and tyre inspections. All part of our commitment to keeping you safe and saving you money.

We have all your tyre needs…

From the sedan to the semi and the tractor to the trailer we have the right tyres for you. No matter what the vehicle or the budget we have got you covered. So give the team a call now or enquire online and one of tyre experts will contact you shortly.